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Thursday • September 2 • 6 PM CST

perfect for the everyday black woman

Learn how to choose brown-girl-friendly products that you need and will use in your makeup bag!



Secure the Makeup Bag Class!

In this hands-on makeup class,

you will...

Learn my fool-proof way to choose long-lasting, brown-girl friendly products - like foundation, contour products and eyeshadow

Edit your makeup bag to see what should be kept and trashed

Understand the product secrets that's necessary for a smooth, flawless finish

Plus, you will receive these BONUSES!

An illustrated workbook to take detailed notes during class.

Get my skincare cheat sheet to break down your skin type and the best skin products for you.

How to choose a good eyeshadow palette cheatsheet.

My fool-proof guide to choosing the right type of foundation for your skin type.

Hear What She Says

The results are confident in knowing what I'm doing, knowing how to apply it, and just feeling good and having fun with it. Before I would see people applying makeup and I would see it as like a chore, something they had to do, whereas now I'm like, "This is fun. Playing in the color combinations, transforming, it's fun." It's like my hobby after I put the kids to bed now.

- Deidre Ellis, Mom of 2, Wife and

Career Woman


So prior to June 2020, I knew absolutely nothing. I could not even tell you what foundation was. Now, just knowing and understanding the hows and the whys, it makes everything make sense. And that's what I was not getting before.”

- LaToya Self, Mom, Wife

and Entreprenuer


I can go into the store. And I don't have to just be picking up stuff 'cause they're pretty, and I have an idea of what I need when I go into the store. I just don't have to buy random stuff. And I know that I can accomplish that look without having like 50 million jars of whatever, or 50 million brushes, but I can accomplish that look with just... My basic tools that I need.

- Stephanie, Mom and Career Woman


Meet Your Makeup Coach

Hello beautiful! My name is Zii (pronounced zee).


For more than 8 years, I have worked with thousands of everyday women, elite celebrities and TV companies such as Jazmine Sullivan, Erica Campbell, and WGN - just to name a few.

I’ve worked with a range of skin types and skin concerns - from large pores, acne blemishes, puffiness, and texture - to the most watery eyes, dark under eye circles, and the oiliest skin.


No matter the canvas, I have been able to use my signature makeup method and techniques to create the most natural teen looks and long-lasting, picture-perfect bridal glam!

Today, I continue my mission to enhance the grace, confidence of beauty of the very women who make the world go 'round! I am here to teach you makeup skills that can transform how you feel about your beauty.

With nearly 10 years of professional makeup artistry, I’ve noticed 5 things that most everyday makeup beginners are doing before they learn from me.
Do these sound familiar?

You’re shying away from selfies and pictures because you’re the friend who can’t do her own makeup.

You’re spending hundreds every year hiring and depending on your makeup artist to get you together.

You only reserve wearing makeup for a special occasion because the thought of a flawless face seems so far fetched.

You own 4 products but you really want a full natural, polished look.

You’re constantly checking the mirror to monitor your shine and to keep your makeup from running or disappearing.

You’re running away from makeup because your man doesn’t like it. Plus, you both have seen it done wrong so much that you’re scared to death that you won’t look like yourself.

You’re liking and hearting every woman on Instagram with perfect brows and flawless skin because deep down you wish you could make yourself look like that too!

How this is

Better than YouTube?

We can see each other!

Fun, judgment-free space and community for learning.

Learn and practice in a patient setting so you can get real-time feedback for muchhhh better results.

LIVE Q&A Session with me - a pro makeup artist.

Frequently asked questions

A Performa Tech é uma loja confiável?

Sim. Somos uma empresa familiar, que iniciou seu negócio próprio durante a pandemia do COVID-19. Respeitamos nossos clientes, e somos sempre bem avaliados em todos os Market Places que atuamos.

Os produtos possuem garantia?

Sim. Todos nossos produtos são originais, e os nossos produtos possuem garantia dos fabricantes.

Os produtos possuem NF?

Sim. Conforme a nossa legislação.

Posso retirar pessoalmente?

Não. Nosso modelo de negócios é loja virtual, pois entendemos que este é o modelo de atendimento que mais se adequa aos nossos clientes, evitando o deslocamento das pessoas e emitindo menos gases estufa no planeta.

Como faço caso haja algum tipo de problema?

Nossos produtos são de qualidade e originais de ótimos fornecedores, mas sabemos que problemas podem ocorrem. Se o problema ocorrer na primeira seman, peço que entre em contato conosco, pelos canais disponíveis no site, para que possamos solucionar o problema o mais breve possível. Após este prazo, pedims que entre em contato com o fabricante do produto. Nossa missão é dar a melhor experiência para nossos clientes.